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Conscious Consumerism

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We believe in the importance of slowing down and exploring our creativity. This mindset has heavily influenced how Simple Studios has evolved. Everything from our packaging to our local creatives and the pieces they choose to make, our pieces are made on a small local scale. 

Celebrating and educating to the alternative ways we can consume is something we’re proud of. We’re not perfect. Who is? There are still elements within our business that can be improved and we welcome change and growth with strong intent as we continue to evolve.

meet a creative

Cait Farrow - Clove Label

“The paths that have led me to this point in my journey are somewhat disconnected. However each one has uncovered new elements of myself I had not known were there before. I am now working on Clove around three busy kiddies so it has felt like a really slow start, but steps are moving forward and I keep holding onto the dream of having flexibility, autonomy and fulfilment. I want to provide for my family whilst also being present for them, which has been a really hard balance to find and I am hopeful that all the hard work will create that for us.”