Our Creatives past and present, they're the heart of Simple Studios


Cait Farrow is the creator of Clove, the essence of Clove is for you to feel relaxed and uplifted. Cait has a high attention to detail and draws inspiration from shape, retro vibes and nature. A combination that translates well, offering an individual perspective in timeless design.

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Kirsty Jensen

Every person has a unique perspective of the world and a way to bring it to life is through art. Art is my calling and I want to share that passion while bringing joy and artistic inspiration to others. Through Kirsty’s work we can begin to shift the way we see ourselves, others and the world around us.

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Never New

The basis of Never New is to upcycle post-consumer products, being as circular and closed looped as possible. It’s an expression of our values of sustainability, inclusivity and creativity.

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The creative behind Vanilla, Vaila creates her pieces out of her home studio in Wellington. As a child Vaila always had a love for looking through kaleidoscopes and believes this is where her love for gems and jewellery stems from.

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Ceramics by Clarisse

Clarisse’s work celebrates functional art. Being creative is so important for her as it’s about being yourself and being completely in your own world, Clarisse sees value in things that last so she creates unique art pieces for everyday use. Clarisse wants people to realise how creative they are.

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La Loba

Ever since she can remember, drawing has been a tool for Abby to explain herself. She’s always found relief in drawing something. La Loba is an extension of herself, it’s something that’s inspired by the amazing women around her. It celebrates femininity and the uniqueness of each individual

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Isabel Loader

Isabel loader garments come to life in a small studio on the south coast of Wellington and are made by Clara. Clara is very meticulous and has a lot of patience for her craft. Her garments are designed to sit beautifully on the body and impact lightly on the earth.

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Mary and Mason

Charlotte and Sophie met at 13, Mary + Mason became a reality for them when they both found themselves at a dead end, their vision is to not only create beautiful long lasting garments, but also to create a space for people to learn, share and feel a sense of purpose. They want their brand to be a voice for themselves and an educational platform to share their experiences.

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Milly Lewis Collections

Milly has always been inspired by design and creativity, and loves the whole process of sewing.Working with fabrics and colours through each step; from the pattern making, cutting the fabric, sewing using different techniques, threads and tensions to get different outcomes and seeing the garment come together is liberating for her. Milly has released any expectation of ML Collections and excited for it’s evolution.

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